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Interview with Sunshine Beeson of Inspiral Iridology


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Sunshine Beeson has been practicing and consulting Iridology, Nutrition and Wholistic Health since 1982.

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If you are wanting an online Iridology reading, this can be done by submitted images of your eyes, online via phone or skype… You’ll be provided with instructions on how take your iris pictures.


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Iridology is the study of the color, pigmentations, and structure of the iris or the colored portion of the eye.

Hi, I’m Sunshine…

I have always, throughout my whole life, been interested in peoples’ health and well-being. I would say that I was mentored by my father, he was a Jack LaLanne kind of guy. And before things were very popular to be healthy and juicing, he was that way and I really took after that lifestyle.

I started getting into health and nutrition when I was eighteen years old, and that was quite a long time ago. I got into the Iridology field system in 1982. I was introduced to Dr. Bernard Jensen, who is one of the leading Iridologists in his day and he was my first Iridology teacher. He’s passed on now, he had a ranch in Escondido, California.

I feel very incredibly blessed and honored to have studied with Dr. Jensen. In the Western world he’s considered the father of Iridology.

Iridology complements all the health sciences as it furnishes information, not only about what health problem the client my have, but also the root cause of the disorder.  Iridology is one of the best assessment tools available to discover which areas of the body are genetically strong and which are deficient.

Genetic markings are shown in the iris that reflect at least four generations of health conditions in a families history.

Predispositions may be determined so preventive measures may be taken to avoid an imbalance from occurring. What is Iridology

I’ve been using Iridology in my holistic practice since 1982.  Within a session, I’ll provide you with a nutritional profile, with several different modalities, including western herbs, flower essences, aromatherapy and vitamin supplements.

Also in your assessment, it will be determined if there are emotional issues one may be harboring and which organ in the body is being effected.  Then we’ll see if you are a candidate for a counseling session for emotional release work, aka: named Hypno-Core-Release ™.

Hypno-Core-Release ™ is a gentle guided visualization process that uncovers core issues released through the subconscious, where deep healing takes place and peace and freedom are activated!

Sunshine’s Credentials include:

  • School of Dr. Bernard Jenson – Founder of Iridology of the United States
  • Ayervedic Medicine – Medicine Wheel School of Holistic Therapy, New Mexico
  • Body Systems Approach to Natural Healing – Tree of Light Institute, Utah
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine – Institute of Chinese Medicine, Utah
  • Institute of Aromatherapy & Bach Flower Essences – California
  • Institute of Behavioral Iridology – California
  • The School of Rayid Sciences – Colorado
  • Journey work (emotional release system) – Brandon Bays
  • Emotional Clearing Hypnotherapy Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis – David Quigley
  • Member of the IIPA – International Iridology Practitioners Association


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