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I am Sunshine Beeson and I specialize in bringing forward peace, freedom and exuberant health!

You may not have heard of Iridology yet, it is more popular in Europe and the West coast, it’s actually been around since the 1800’s! I am here to inform you of the pertinent value this holistic modality may have for you.

If you have explored other therapies, but still have not attained your dreams & desires right here, right now and are living in the same old repeated patterns, attracting the same incompatible relationships and are having pain in your body and soul… then let’s have a conversation! If you have an appetite to DIVE in and dive DEEP and want to get to the ROOT cause of anxiety and perpetual health concerns and would like to experience authentic transformation….THEN, I am committed to take you on this inward journey to total wellness!

I use Iridology, which is an innovative assessment tool to analyze the iris of the eye for emotional, personality and health conditions. Iridology is a great access point to gain more depth into the root cause of physical and emotional issues. Genetic markings are shown in the iris that reflect at least three generations in a family’s history as well as pre-dispositions.

I will guide you through a safe gentle process called, Hypno-Core-Release to uncover the underlying cause of physical and emotional pain. Emotions are the gateway to the soul. Opening into the core of your emotions is where you will find peace and freedom, which then brings cellular healing and a shift in the neurotransmitters of the brain. This creates positive responses rather than reactions or triggers.

We bring balance into ourselves and relationships when our sexual health and chakra system is aligned. Many emotional wounds are held in different organs of the body, as well as the reproductive system of men and women, which may create unwanted behaviors from imprinted patterns that keep repeating.

I have been in private practice since 1982 and I reside in South Central Massachusetts, Monson (MA). I work with individuals and couples. My husband Eric and I co-facilitate Sacred Transformational Intimacy retreats for couples and I lead specialized empowerment retreats for women.


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Working with Sunshine Beeson has been extraordinary to say the least! It’s been such a freeing experience – helping me let go of the blocks and negative energies and thoughts that have been holding me back from reaching my full potential. The progress that I’ve seen myself make from the weeks and sessions that I’ve been working with Sunshine has been some of the best therapeutic and life-advancing steps I’ve had in a long time. From initially meeting her, I knew she had the right energy for me and I’m so glad I took advantage of her program and decided to work with her. She’s proven to not only have been a proficient energy worker but a caring therapist and even a friend. If you’re trying to decide who to use for your life breakthroughs, just do it with Sunshine!

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