Iridology is a gentle, non-invasive analysis of the colored part of the eye, the iris…

The iris shows a display or mapping of the body systems, indicating balances and imbalances. The process is similar to a computer tracking system with a memory.

When specific events occur in one’s life, whether emotional or physical, a corresponding mark, spec or color will appear in the iris. This tracking system begins in the fetus stage in the womb. Hereditary and generational components are reflected thereof.

Iridology is known to be a very
precise tool that indicates where
strengths and weaknesses are
located within the body.

There is also a correlation between un-addressed emotional issues and possible effects on specific body organs.


Here’s an Iridology diagram that shows some details described herein…

One Example of what Iridology shows is… anger issues, with a circumstance and/or human being, can harbor toxicity in the liver. Anger issues may also compromise the spleen, which serves as a part of our immune function. Unexpressed grief may have a deterrent effect on the respiratory system/lungs.

One of the priorities in a (iris reading) consultation is the whole digestive system. What are the condition, shape/toxicity and content of the large intestine/colon? How well are absorption and assimilation being processed? Iridiology provides insights into… if the body is producing or lacking the necessary enzymes for the array of foods one eats. It indicates (for example) whether one has the body ecology for hosting parasites… All of this, plus more can actually be viewed through the eyes.

Headaches and brain fogginess can be directly linked to congestion in the transverse colon. It is vitally important to have a greater understanding and awareness of how a digestive and elimination processes is working.

Here is the thing… your colon is connected to, and has a relationship with every part of the body. The large intestine/colon circulates nutrients to every cell, organ and tissue.

In our society, there has been very little regard for this part of our body!

Other systems observed through the iris and Iridology include:

* Circulation/Heart* Lymph Glands
* Structural/Skeleton
* Reproductive System
*… every part of the body, including emotional states…

The health history of the iris provides one with personal, insightful information into the wholistic picture. It takes into consideration, everything… the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects.

It is an amazing journey to explore one’s own eyes, to discover the hidden knowledge that is revealed within! With these discoveries, one can apply specific healing practices to the areas that require attention.

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